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Auxiliary Services

Well Abandonment: The proper abandonment of a well involves more than no longer using the well or simply covering the well casing (metal pipe) and ignoring it. Technically, the term “well abandonment” refers to the filling and sealing of an unused well with an approved, impermeable material. Unused and improperly abandoned wells pose a significant threat to groundwater. This threat is especially serious for abandoned wells located within the vicinity of a municipal well.

Only properly licensed Well Drillers and Pump installers are permitted to install, service, and decommission wells and pumps. For detailed information, click here.

Liquid Evacuation Services: We have extensive experience with removal and disposal of both hazardous and contaminated liquids. Much of our work has been for the oil refineries during normal operations and shut-down activities. We are equipped with the proper safety equipment for most hazardous, liquid materials. Safety is our priority-- we obey all environmental laws and regulations.

Most septic tanks require pumping every 3-5 years. Call us if you need your septic tank pumped. We will transport the waste to an approved treatment and processing facility.

During emergency flooding situations, we use our submersible pumps to evacuate water from homes, businesses and public facilities. Following hurricane Ida, our pumps ran continuously for several days.

Industrial Piping: We offer wide-ranging industrial pipe services, and we can custom-build to your specifications. We also offer installation and repair services. Call us if you have unique piping requirements or needs.

HDPE Pipe Fusion: Heat fusion is the most common method used to join HDPE pipe. It works by heating two pipe ends and pressing them together, creating a permanent joint that converts individual sections of pipe into a single, continuous pipe.

We are equipped to handle polyethylene pipe and fittings fusion work. Done properly, experience has shown that a joint made with HDPE fusion will have strength characteristics comparable to the pipe itself. Fused pipe sections become, in effect, a single piece of pipe.

Hydro Jetting: Hydro jetting is one of the best ways to both deal with clogged pipes, and it prevents issues from happening in the future. High pressure water jetting removes buildup and debris from sewer lines, septic pipes, and clogged pipes used for other purposes. We have many years of professional jetting service, and we’ll make sure that your jetting solution is top-notch
Reasons to use a hydro jet service:
· It’s more effective than a plumbing snake
· It prevents damage to the pipes
· It removes tree roots and gravel
· It’s ideal for emergency situations

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